1. COOK FOR HIM. You don’t have to be a great cook, cliché, but is truly the thought that counts. Since nowadays women work just as hard as men do, it doesn’t have to be an everyday thing. Once in a while surprise him with a very romantic dinner and of course wine is a must!!!
  2. BE INTERESTED IN THE FUNNY STORIES HE JUST HAS TO TELL. Even if you’re really not, just PRETEND hahaha, just kidding. Men really like when their partners are genuine interested in their funny stories and laugh with them. They love to make you laugh.
  3. DO NOT OVERWHELM HIM WITH TOO MANY PHONE CALLS. We are all busy people, with places to be, deadlines to meet and jobs to get done. If he doesn’t call you during the day he is probably busy, simply send him a short text mssg saying something like, good luck in your meeting, hope you’re having a good day or whatever you feel is going to put a smile in his face when he reads it.
  4. LET HIM KNOW THAT YOU ARE REALLY INTO HIM. Some people call it lust, but the truth is that every successful relationship has to start with physical attraction. Nothing turns your man more than for him to notice that you are really into him. Don’t be afraid to be the initiator of a HOT make out session, your man will love it. There is nothing sexier than a woman confident enough to express her sexuality with no inhibitions.

This is only a really short version of a few tips I apply everyday in my relationship, so far has been working like a charm Let me know what’s your story…


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