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Define Your Eyes….

I am a girl who is always trying to play up my eyes whether it be day or night. I absolutely love LC’s make-up because it can take you from day to night hassle free. My problem is  I have flimsy lashes that are long, straight and do absolutely nothing for me! Also I have found that liquid liners smudge so easily when I curl my lashes, ruining my entire make-up look. So you can see why I am constantly in search of a mascara that doesn’t weight down my lashes and  eyeliners that won’t  smudge…after a long time I think my search is OVER! I think I finally found my favorites and I am sticking to them! So here they are:





Mascaras: These are the only two that have really given me the volume and definition I love without having to wear falsies (which for a night out are great for that extra oomph)


CoverGirl Lashblast Volume $7.99





DiorShow Marcara $24

Eye Liners: These two are really long lasting and smudge-proof. I have gone to the gym and done full workouts, gone dancing and I come home my eyeliner still looks the same as when I applied it in the morning…

NYC Liquid Eyeliner $2




SHANY Mark my Eyes $6.50










Image Credits:

http://www.newyorkcolor.com (nyc eyeliner)

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http://www.makeuppalettes.com (Shany Mark my Eyes)

http://www.covergirl.com (lashblast)

http://www.squiddo.com (Lauren Conrad)






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