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Would you rather be RIGHT or HAPPY?

I guess you can say I learned this one the hard way. Many times in my relationships with people when there was a discussion or even a casual conversation, if I knew I had a valid and truthful point/argument, I tended to go all the way until I prove that I was RIGHT. Big mistake. Although most of the time I’m RIGHT 😉 haha, one of the more clear manifestation of our EGO is that urge to prove our point. If we take a second and become aware of what fuels us to argue, is precisely that, OUR EGO. We are so identify with our views and thoughts that we truly believe that our thoughts make us WHO WE ARE. That is why when we are trying to prove a point, we perceive it as if we are defending our very SELF.

We must realize that when we finally prove our point, most of the time we end up hurting someone, and almost always is someone we love. Would that really make us happy? Our thoughts are nothing but OPINIONS. Nothing more. Like in Zen’s teachings: “Don’t seek the truth. Just cease to cherish opinions.”

This is not an easy habit to acquire, and it is totally okay to fail from time to time. The important skill to practice is to BE AWARE. BE AWARE of the presence of our EGO. Our EGO will ALWAYS bring UNAHAPPINESS and suffering to US and OTHERS. So next time you find yourself in the middle of an argument, do this exercise, take a deep breath and be aware of your EGO acting within you. BE AWARE OF IT AND CHOOSE TO BE HAPPY, NOT RIGHT 😉


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