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Unemployment: It’s Not Just About The Money


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As the weeks pass more and more people are loosing their jobs. It is everyone from the top notch execs to the  entry level position worker. Having a lot of close friends that are currently unemployed,  I have found that  unemployment is a lot like riding a roller coaster. It affects you in many areas in your life  such as your financial stability and your health both physical and emotional/physiological. So what do we do? How do we cope with all the emotions? What hope do we have of finding a job when there is one job out there and a thousand people fighting for it. How can you make yourself stand out in the sea of the unemployed???

First of all being financially unstable goes hand in hand with your health. This is true whether you are single and in in your 20’s all the way to an older person with tons more financial responsibilities. Everyone has bills to pay, everyone requires  income to meet their basic needs. When that is lacking you begin to stress out. People with stress associated with job loss and not having enough money to pay for daily necessities are likely to have psychological effects. The most common effects are anxiety and depression. Anxiety of not knowing what the future holds, fear of not having stability. As these feelings increase then it becomes dangerous because you can fall into depression. Where now you are feeling worthlessness and helplessness. And this is scary!

So why let it get this far? There are a lot of things that you can do to deal with all the things that come with being unemployed. Through the years I have gotten advice from many people on how to deal with stressful and difficult situations. Also have spoken to successful people that have given me a few tips on how to make yourself shine above everyone else. Today I want to share them with you in hopes that they will help you as they have helped me! Here they are:

1. Get a diary: Write down your feelings at the end of the day. This is an excellent way to release all those thoughts that have been with you all day. Take a minute to reflect upon what you have written, trust me when I tell you will be amazed at how something so simple has such a big impact.

2. Exercise: Find some activity that you enjoy and do it every day or whenever you have time. Exercise has such a positive effect on your physical and mental health. When you are stressed and feeling a bit down your immune system is not as strong so you may be more susceptible to catching a cold or viruses going around, being active strengthen the immune system .  For your mental health exercise has shown to reduce anxiety and depression. So get out there already!

3. Change your diet: There are many benefits you get from changing  to a balanced diet. The types of food you eat really do go a long way…Including more fruits and vegetables is a great start. You may consult your physician or nutritionist for help in making these changes. Remember that the proper nutrients are essential to ones health.

4. Write a List: Now that you have covered the health aspects lets move on to finding a job! Start by listing out your goals? What is it that you want in a job? What kind of company do you see yourself working for? What will you need to do to get there?  List out your strengths and weaknesses. This way you have a clear mental image at all times when applying for a job of what you want, where you are at the moment and what you need to do to get to your goal. This will also come in handy when it comes time to market yourself to potential employers.

5. Update your resume: You never know when the next opportunity will present itself and when it does you don’t want to sit on it all because you don’t have your things ready to go. The best way to jump on an opportunities is to BE PREPARED! So update your resume and cover letters and be sure to have references ready to go too.

5. Network: Networking is a wonderful way to find opportunities that may not be available to everyone. Contact people you know, a former boss, colleagues, friends let them know you are currently in the “job market” that way they know to think of you as soon as something comes up.

6. Do your homework: Before applying anywhere do your homework. By this I mean do some investigating, find out what the company is all about? Why would you be an asset to this company? Why would you like to work there?  Is there room for growth? Do they offer benefits? Do employees like the work environment? These are some questions that you might want to consider finding our prior to applying anywhere. I have learned this the hard way! And now a days with the internet it is easier than ever to inform yourself of pretty much anything.

7.  Apply: Once you are ready to apply, don’t just do it online. This will just get your application thrown in a stack. Take initiative. Go to the office and personally turn in your application with your resume. It sounds crazy, especially in this day in time where everything is done online, but it will help you stand out. This piece of advice I got from the Exec VP/CEO of the Food and Beverage Association of San Diego. So give it a whirl, you have absolutely nothing to loose!

8. Take temp jobs: Yes I know this is not ideal for everyone, but many of these options pay well and can help stay afloat until a permanent position comes along. Another positive aspect of temping is that it opens doors to finding other jobs that possibly may be what your are looking for.

9. Follow-Up: After applying somewhere if it has been a few days and you still have not heard, follow up with a phone call. There is nothing wrong with wanting to know the status of your application. If you have already had your interview then follow-up by  sending  a quick thank you note or e-mail to the interviewer for their time and the opportunity meet you in person. Again, this is a nice way to make an impression on someone.

10. STAY POSITIVE: Unemployment is already difficult as is, there is no need to make it even harder!


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