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Make a Difference…Volunteer!

Volunteering gives you the opportunity to change lives including your own. I did it and I can tell you that it is true, it is a life changing experience. I began about 3 years ago when I saw an episode of ” What Not To Wear”, the episode was featuring a lady who was a speaker for the American Heart Association. That caught my eye immediately! As the show went on they shared this lady’s personal story and her reason for volunteering and speaking for the AHA. That was the beginning to my journey with this wonderful association.

As I had mentioned in my introduction, I am a heart disease survivor, which is why I chose the American Heart Association to become a volunteer. In seeing how this lady had gone through a hard time with her cardiovascular health and how she turned a negative to a positive made me believe I could do the same. So I made a call to the AHA San Diego chapter and I was welcomed into the 18th Annual Start! Heart Walk Committee. Having shared my story with the group,  I was given the task of coordinating the “Create Hope Area” of the walk. This is a section were we honor heart disease and stroke survivors. I truly had no idea how much I would be touched by meeting and talking to other people that had gone through similar health situations as I had. I talked with kids, teenagers, adults, elderly! Not only did I relate to them, but so did my family. That day I realized that heart disease and stroke affects the entire family not just the patient. When that first walk was over, I just wanted to be more involved, do more, learn more…. Having people tell me how much this walk meant to them and seeing how proud survivors finished the walk was an amazing moment in my life!

To me being a volunteer is a great honor and I will continue volunteering for as long as I can! I invite you to choose an organization that interests you, one where you can put your skills to work in a positive way. There are so many wonderful organizations out there, and many times they don’t have enough volunteers to carry out more projects throughout the year. So go out there MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

Here are some links to help you in your search for organizations/ volunteer opportunites:

Image Credit: http://www.philanthromedia.org

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