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Power of Juicing Part II

Here is the list of juices and their benefits that I found and thought was extremely helpful and informative!

****Remember to consult your physician or health professional before starting anything new that will affect your health. ******

Juice/Aids & Benefits:

Alfalfa: Allergies, morning sickness, digestive problems,purifies blood

Apple: Regulates bowels

Apricot: Anemia, constipation

Asparagus:  Kidney, bladder disorders

Beet: Builds blood (when combined with blackberry juice)

Blackberry: Diarrhea,anemia and is a blood builder

Blueberry: Blood purifier

Carrot: Nutrition for eyes, hair and nails

Cauliflower: Intestinal Cleanser

Celery: Arthritis, neuritis, rheumatism, acidity,high blood pressure, nerves

Cherry: Chronic gallbladder trouble

Cilantro: Strengthens heart, tonic for digestive system

Coconut: Nutrition for bones and teeth

Dandelion greens: Anemia, diabetes, hypoglycemia, low blood pressure, skin issues

Endive: Aids weight loss

Fig (black): Laxative

Grapefruit: Aid in weight loss

Grape: Blood purifier, intestinal cleanser

Kale:  Hardens teeth and bones

Lemon: Aids in weight loss, and for liver disorders

Lettuce: Sleeplessness

Mango: Irritated intestinal disorders

Onion: Bronchial and lung disorders

Orange: Stirs up acids and hard mucus

Papaya: Stomach and intestinal disorders

Parsley: Diabetes, kidney stones and gallstones, cleanses liver, supports heart,

Peach/Pear: Regulate bowels

Pineapple: Sore throat, blood builder, aids digestion

Pomegranate : Bladders complaints

Raspberry: Anemia, neutralizes acidity

Strawberry: Neutralizes acids

Thyme: Headaches, asthma, flu, sore throat

Watercress: Weight loss


Source: Choose to Live Each Day Fully by Susan Smith Jones, Ph.D.

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