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December 13, 2010 5 comments

Humanity has been taught that Suffering is Bad, and that we, our friends and family should never have to suffer in any possible way. Eckhart Tolle, challenged this idea in his book “A New Earth” under the concept of Conscious Suffering. His very insightful words changed dramatically my perception and expectations of LIFE.

One of the main reasons why I decided to start this blog is to share what I’ve learned from very significant and brilliant people I’ve encounter in my life. My views and perspectives of LIFE have changed over the years very drastically. As we get older, we start evolving and all our life experiences, especially the very painful ones shape our beliefs and change us forever. It is up to US to choose whether we want that change to be a positive or a negative one.

As someone who felt deep into depression and even required medication to help me recover from it, I can tell you that at some point in my life I did choose the negative approach. The outcome of a very negative thinking and a negative attitude was not pleasant at all. Thankfully with the help of GOD, family and friends I was able to rise above it and move on. At a certain point, I embraced my depression; I searched deep into my soul and my being, and that’s when I finally transcended my crisis and became a different person.

Suffering is part of life. Without suffering we cannot evolve, we cannot transcend. So what does it mean to Suffer Consciously? To suffer consciously is to ACCEPT suffering, to embrace it, learned from it and MOVE ON!! According to Eckhart Tolle, suffering consciously is good for our soul because it drives us deeper. He states that we have to say YES to suffering before we can transcend it. Very wise words.

When someone does not suffer consciously, often they portray themselves as victims, and their ego enjoys very much being a martyr, someone who for some reason the Universe and God is good to everybody else but not to them. This reasoning will only multiply your pain and suffering and will prevent you from discovering the real reason why God and the Universe wants you to experience such PAIN.

In my personal experience, I can tell you that I’ve acquire the most knowledge and the most significant inner transformation and spiritual growth when I’ve gone through painful and difficult situations in my life. Now I see those experiences as valuable lessons that God place in my path to prepare me to be a stronger human being and most importantly, to have the certainty that regardless the life changing event, He will ALWAYS be there for me, He will give me the STRENGHT to survive any circumstances, and that He will ALWAYS take care of me. That realization is extremely comforting.

I’ve learned that life is extremely fragile and that in any second our life can be turned upside down. We shall not fear PAIN, when you’re close to GOD and truly trust his plans for you that fear will completely disappear.

Many times when we think that someone we love dearly is making a mistake, we believe that is our moral duty to keep them from making it and thus keeping them from suffering. While we might prevent temporal suffering in the present, we are also preventing them from experience and facing the world, and what might be even more awful is that by preventing this small temporal PAIN, we might be inflicting a lot more painful and permanent suffering for them in the future.

Preventing suffering prevents evolution and self-growth. According to Tolle, what we may perceive as mistakes for other people, it might be exactly what they need to do or experience to prepare them for what it is to come in their lives.

LIFE is wonderful and suffering consciously will only open our minds and hearts to LOVE, VALUE and APPRECIATE everything and everyone in this incredible gift we were given called LIFE.

Hopefully these words brought comfort to someone out there 😉

God blessed,


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