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For the Single Gals…

November 4, 2010 Leave a comment

If you are single but in a relationship all the above mentioned applies. I think it will make him crazy about you and want to have you forever and ever!!!! Having been in a long term relationship and applying all these steps definitely made my boyfriend appreciate me and want me more, he’d tell me all the time. He would mention how wonderful it was to be with a girl who took care of him, genuinely cared about everything he did and was not afraid to tell him when I wanted him!!! Though clearly I must have stopped at some point because now I am back in the single’s world! hhahaha

Now if you are single and in the dating world as I am now, then my best advice is to BE YOURSELF!!! I have tried being someone else, tried being what the guy wants me to be and at the end of the day no one is happy. So go out there with confidence in you and what you bring to the table, and hey have fun while you are at it!  Cause let’s be honest here,boys can be fun!!! It is fun to be flirty, making boys nervous and an occasional make out session never hurt anyone right?  Once you find someone worthy of you then little by little apply the 4 rules my friend mentions. She is happily married so clearly they do work!


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