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What career path should I choose?

December 6, 2010 Leave a comment

I remember when I graduated from high school and it was time for me to choose a major, it was one of the most difficult and anxiety producing times in my life. As I mentioned before, I’ve always had a tendency to overanalyze everything, and having to make a decision that will affect the rest of my life, got to say, very complex.

I’ve had my shares of painful life experiences, but I’ve also been very fortunate to count with many blessings in my life. One that I thank God everyday for is my father. The best father anyone can ask for. He has always guided me and supported me in the best possible way. Perhaps the extreme admiration I have for him, has always added extra pressure for me to follow his brilliant example to productive living. I’ve learned and keep learning till today so much from him. If you are currently going through this crisis of not knowing what to do with your life, no more worries. I’ve been there and I got out of there. I’ll share with you my father’s words of wisdom.  

1.    If you do not know what to do with your life, THAT’S TOTALLY AND 100% OKAY.

It is really okay to be confused, we are only humans. In this wonderful life we have so many interesting and intriguing roads we can choose that it is normal and actually smart to take your time to decide what you want to do. If you recently graduated from high school and you have no idea what major to choose, my advice to you is to stay in school. Start with your General Education, elective classes that might interest you and that you will need to graduate from any major you decide to choose. Also, if you think you like something but you are not positive that that’s your real passion, get a part-time job on that field. Then you’ll have a better idea and understanding of what that career entitles and requires.  

2.    Think about talents you have that come natural and easy for you. 

I believe God gave us all different talents, and it is our duty to find them, cherish them and cultivate them. Sometimes society puts too much pressure on us when it comes to deciding on our future. The future holds what we cultivate in the NOW. It may take time to find your true talent, and that’s okay, as long as you cultivate it once you’ve found it, God will take care of the rest.

3.    Choose a career you’ll enjoy, not a career you were told will make you WEALTHY QUICK.

Although money can be really nice, that cannot be the sole motivator when it comes to choosing a career path. Once you’ve discover your passion and you enjoy what you do, success and money will come organically. Always keep this in mind:

SUCCESS WILL COME TO YOU WHEN GOD KNOWS YOU ARE READY FOR IT. If you know that you are really good at what you do and you work really hard but you are not being compensated the way you think you deserve, hang in there. God is watching you, He knows you are struggling, HE knows all your worries and fears, HE IS A FAIR GOD,  HE also wants to see that you trust HIM, that you have FAITH in HIM. Remember, FAITH activates GOD. He will show you the way you must simply always DO YOUR BEST.

4.    Always DO YOUR BEST  

Even if you are undecided about your major or your current job, in any given present situation, always do your best. When you are PRESENT and doing your best, you’ll always attract positive outcomes, because you are being ONE with the world. That’s what God wants from US. He wants us to find enjoyment in life. Deciding on what to do for a living is merely content ABOUT you, it is not YOU, it is not your ESSENCE.

Acquiring the habit of always doing your BEST, will always open doors and opportunities for you.

Society will always expect a lot from us, the only thing that truly matters is what GOD expects from us. What he expects from us is not much, but it can be challenging when we become extremely absorbed by the material world. He wants is to find happiness, true happiness, peace of mind and life enjoyment. Having the perfect job, house, car or relationship will never fulfill us. The material world can only bring us temporal happiness. It is a Universal Law that even if we do get all what we want from the material world, we will ALWAYS want MORE and therefore, we will never be fulfilled 100%.  

Be present and appreciative of what you currently have. Be enthusiastic in everything you do, ALWAYS DO YOUR BEST and GOD WILL TAKE CARE OF THE REST.  

Hope you’ve found this article helpful 😉


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November 22, 2010 1 comment

At some point in our lives, we all have been wronged by someone. Being emotionally bruised can have serious consequences in our life. Although it is clear that when people attack us for no apparent reason, it is due to personal issues that he/she is going through, we can all agree that still is really difficult to let things go and forgive. The truth is that for the rest of our lives we will be dealing with difficult people, sometimes we might be difficult ourselves, and that’s OK, it is part of life and our nature. Therefore, learning to forgive and move on is THE MOST IMPORTANT SKILL we must excelled in this school called LIFE.    

When we learn to forgive the people who wronged us, that’s when we bring THE BEST OF US to the world. We will encounter people in our lives that will be determined to bring us down, again, it might not be personal, but still God will put them in our lives as an opportunity to bring either the BEST or the WORST of us. That’s our every day CHOICE. Every crisis in our lives, we should see it as an opportunity for us to show God and the world the BEST of us.

Forgiving does not mean that you are excusing the behavior of the attacker. It simply means that you shall not let them dictate your destiny. God and the universal order will take care of them. You have bigger things to do in this life than holding on to resentments. Replaying in your head what they’ve done to you WILL PREVENT YOU FROM FULFILLING YOUR DESTINY, FROM FULFILLING YOUR PURPOSE IN LIFE, and will prevent you from enjoying the NOW. Do not allow them to make you miss the Great Future God has for you. They might not deserve to be forgiven, but you DO 😉

Now the question is, how can I do that? It looks really nice and easy in writing, but what can I actually do to learn to forgive. Here it comes, very very EASY. TRUST GOD!!!

The brilliant and very wise Joel Osteen states in his teachings, “God will make your WRONGS RIGHTS, He is a FAIR GOD, He will repay your wrongs with double RIGHTS.” “FAITH activates GOD, FEAR activates the Enemy.”

Trust GOD; surrender yourself to him. Acknowledge that you have control over NOTHING. If you really reflect on this very statement, you will find that lack of control, what is commonly perceived as uncertainty and anxiety, when you are truly ONE with GOD, lack of control is in fact extremely comforting. You no longer have anything to worry about; God will fight your battles.

He knows who has hurt you, he knows who has made you cry, when you’ve been ill, he’s been there with you, holding your hand and crying with you. He will restore you, he will ease your pain, you must simply trust HIM. No one better than him knows about PAIN.  

Jesus forgave and prayed for people who betrayed him for a few coins, people who were jealous and intimidated by his knowledge and enlightening teachings, people who abused him physically and verbally. Is there really anything that we cannot forgive?       

 The most dangerous aspect of not knowing how to forgive, is to become what you hate. We shall not allow that, we shall be the change, we shall be AWARE and be present in the NOW, learn from the past, and be optimistic of the future.

Forgiving brings the BEST of US and brings us closer to GOD. Even in your darkest hours, trust GOD, trust the plan he has for you. Simply always do your best in every situation and let GOD worried about the rest. When you truly trust HIM, you’ll be amazed on how obvious he will demonstrate you he’s been listening to you and how well he will take care of you. God blessed 😉


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