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Be Active….Participate in Your Life!!!

December 31, 2010 2 comments

With the new year right around the corner everyone starts to think about their resolutions for the upcoming year. We do so, the new year starts and stick to them for about a second and then they are out the window. Towards the end of the year we start realizing that we could have done so much more with the year, our time, our life. Trust me I am the first to do this over and over.

I am the one who is always saying, “One day I’ll do this, or one day I’ll go there.” I have been guilty of being the one who sits on the sidelines thinking  what it would be like to travel like my friends have, to have my own house, to have my degree finally, to be able to fly and conquer the world without hesitation. When all this time I had the power to make it happen as do each and everyone have.  This year; I have been making small changes that make me want to do more and more. What was I thinking just watching my life go by or be lived the way others wanted. That was the old me!  Now with this new year I am not going to make resolutions because  we should do the things that make us happy everyday. We should work on our goals on  a daily basis. Not sit on them until the new year is near us again.

What I am saying is BE ACTIVE in your own life,OWN IT! Think of all the things that you’d like to accomplish and haven’t yet for whatever reason. Once you have an idea of all you want to accomplish work on doing one thing every day or  every week. Don’t wait until it is too late…As I crossed some items off my list this year I  have come to see that doing so was and is an essential part to making my life a grand celebration!!!

So go out there and Participate, Live and Celebrate your life!!!







December 28, 2010 2 comments

Very powerful statement. One of the many lessons learned from my father. As someone who overcome many obstacles and barriers to get where he is today, my father is a vivid example of the power of your thoughts.

Our mind is the most powerful gift we’ve been given. In addition to its power, our mind can be a very tricky tool with various features at our disposal. However, when facing difficult and painful situations in our life, learning how to use them all can be pretty challenging. As a depression survivor myself, I’ve experience a very dark side of our mind as a consequence of very negative thoughts.

After hitting rock bottom during my darkest hours, I realized that by being depressed I was actually causing a lot of pain to the people I love the most. All of the sudden I started to rationalize my situation and concluded that being depressed is basically a whole a lot of thinking of ME, then ME and ME again. Surprisingly enough, I switched from feeling extremely victimized by my circumstances, to feeling extremely selfish.  

I made a decision, I didn’t want to live my life like that anymore, and most importantly, I wouldn’t want to be the cause of unhappiness for anyone else. I started thinking about people who have gone through even toughest life’s situations than mine and how they were able to survive and move on with their lives. I convinced myself, if they could do it, I CAN TOO!!! And I was RIGHT, I was absolutely RIGHT.

Whether you want to get out of a depression, have a better career or a better relationship, if you think YOU CAN do it, YOU WILL. If you think you CAN’T, you are absolutely RIGHT, you’ll never will. It sounds very simple but yet is very difficult to actually practice it. If you think about it, using simple logic, you’ll realize that the only thing you must do to make that change in your life is make a decision, and you and only you have the power to make the correct one.

Very few problems in our life are cause by circumstances out of our control. Most of them are cause by our thoughts, our perspectives and sometimes unrealistic expectations of people and situations.

Let’s make the RIGHT decision, let’s choose to be HAPPY, let’s choose I CAN!!!

God Blessed,


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Would you rather be RIGHT or HAPPY?

November 16, 2010 Leave a comment

I guess you can say I learned this one the hard way. Many times in my relationships with people when there was a discussion or even a casual conversation, if I knew I had a valid and truthful point/argument, I tended to go all the way until I prove that I was RIGHT. Big mistake. Although most of the time I’m RIGHT 😉 haha, one of the more clear manifestation of our EGO is that urge to prove our point. If we take a second and become aware of what fuels us to argue, is precisely that, OUR EGO. We are so identify with our views and thoughts that we truly believe that our thoughts make us WHO WE ARE. That is why when we are trying to prove a point, we perceive it as if we are defending our very SELF.

We must realize that when we finally prove our point, most of the time we end up hurting someone, and almost always is someone we love. Would that really make us happy? Our thoughts are nothing but OPINIONS. Nothing more. Like in Zen’s teachings: “Don’t seek the truth. Just cease to cherish opinions.”

This is not an easy habit to acquire, and it is totally okay to fail from time to time. The important skill to practice is to BE AWARE. BE AWARE of the presence of our EGO. Our EGO will ALWAYS bring UNAHAPPINESS and suffering to US and OTHERS. So next time you find yourself in the middle of an argument, do this exercise, take a deep breath and be aware of your EGO acting within you. BE AWARE OF IT AND CHOOSE TO BE HAPPY, NOT RIGHT 😉


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