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November 17, 2010 3 comments

When I was younger I use to get tons of complements about my hair. I had it very long, straight and shiny. As I got older I started experimenting new hair colors, black was one of them. I loved it, it looked even shinier, but of course after wearing it for almost 6 years I got tired of it and wanted to try highlights. First of all the process to remove it was extremely harsh for my hair and on top of that I got highlights. Although I liked the highlights too, my hair looked very damaged, dry and opaque.

When I was introduced by a very good friend to the amazing benefits of the Olive Extract, I also started to do research on it. After being amazed by its healing and preventing properties I started taking Olive Leaf Extract capsules, as a natural supplement. I felt really good, healthy and energized plus it’s been a while since I’ve gotten sick.

I also started using an Olive Oil Hair Shampoo, not expensive at all. My hair has definitely gotten stronger. I’m regaining the shine and it looks and feels healthier. One great tip also to combine with this shampoo is to no longer wash your hair every day. Wash it every other day, the best treatment for your hair is all the natural oils that your scalp produces. Imagine that the day you do not wash your hair you are getting a deep conditioning natural treatment.

Another tip, those days that you do not wash your hair, if you have very oily hair you can also try using Dry Shampoo. Is a hair spray shampoo that cleans your hair, absorbs the oil and eliminates the odor.

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Also for a once or twice a week deep conditioning treatment I’ve been using the following hair cream that has definitely help my hair stay strong preventing breakage.

L’Oreal- Mega Strenght Fortifying Deep Treatment (For damaged or weakened Hair Prone to Breakage)

One of the main active ingredients in this treatment is also OLIVE OIL !!!

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