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January 14, 2011 Leave a comment

Acknowledging our blessings and not minding our losses can be pretty challenging. Unfortunately it is within our nature to focus more on what we don’t have or use to have rather than what we DO HAVE in THE NOW. GOOD NEWS!!! There is something we can do about it 😉

I consider myself a very blessed human being, and although I’ve had some very painful losses in my life, I’ve also due to those experiences, have learned as a MUST to be thankful and count my blessings every single day. As a result, my losses are now perceived more as lessons needed to be learned to become a better human being and to serve God in the best possible way.

How to do it? How to have a thankful and appreciative attitude every day?

Every day, every morning when you open your eyes you have a very important decision to make. You have 2 choices, you and only you have the power to pick the one you really want. You can wake up and say:

  1. 1.    GOD Thank You for allowing me to wake up this morning, open my eyes, be alive, and have this and that, and that and so much more…




  1. 2.    God, why is it that I lost him or her? Why this happened to me, to my family? Why I don’t have this, and that, and so much more that I NEED to be happy?


Learn to ALWAYS, ALWAYS pick number 1. Make it a habit of learning to pick number 1. Even in your darkest hours make it your biggest challenge to pick number 1. Remember that choosing number 1, by universal law, you will always attract even more blessings to you and your surroundings, and know that for your number 2 question, you will NEVER, NEVER hear an answer that will bring you peace, you will simply attract more unpleasant and negative outcomes into your life.

GOD is ALL knowing, who are we to question him?


In my case the loss of a loved one makes it extremely difficult not to ask myself that number 2 question, THE WHY, WHY ME, WHY MY FAMILY. It is a challenge that I face every single day of my life, but I can honestly tell you that I’m getting closer to that place where every day that challenge seems to be easier to deal with. Everyday instead of focusing on the why I lost him or why this happened to my family, I focus more on being thankful to GOD for the wonderful blessing of having a True Angel as my Baby Brother and as part of my family, getting to know him was truly being for many years on the mere presence of PURE LOVE.  

Make it a habit!!! COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS, BE AWARE and BE PRESENT in THE NOW. GOD is all knowing, GOD is a FAIR GOD, I know I’ve written this so many times in previous posts, but I can’t highlight this enough. Trust HIM, truly trust HIM and his plans for you.

GOD gave us the most powerful blessing, FREE WILL, our ability to make choices. Let’s use his wonderful gift to our advantage and well being. ALWAYS pick number 1. Always be thankful for what you have and for what you use to have, because we all have so much to be thankful.

GOD bless you ALL and your families 😉


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