Elizabeth Edwards… May she Rest in Peace

December 8, 2010 Leave a comment

Yesterday Elizabeth Edwards passed away after a lost battle with cancer. She was and will always be an inspiration for many of us. We all have had our shares of painful experiences in our lives that change us forever. Elizabeth Edwards is one of the very few remarkable human beings that was able to handle heartbreak and misfortune in the most courageous and graceful manner.

After losing her first born teenage son in a car accident, being diagnosed with breast cancer, and coping with his husband infidelity in a very public mode, she amazingly kept her strength and positive attitude for her kids, family and friends. Surprisingly enough she always had encouraging and loving words for everybody around her.

She wrote 2 books “Saving Graces: Finding Solace and Strength from Friends and Strangers.”  And also, “Resilience: Reflections on the Burdens and Gifts of Facing Life’s Adversities.”

You can tell by the sole title of her books that she embraced life turmoil in a very different way most of us do.  

She was a passionate, strong and admirable woman. Her story and legacy will always be cherished and treasured.

May she Rest in Peace, Elizabeth Edwards.


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